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ONSITES Graduate School is accredited by a state-recognized European partner university. The accreditation attests to the top quality of our study programs.

5 Reasons For Online Learning At ONSITES Graduate School

1. Future-Proof Study Programs

A solid education serves as the fundamental requirement for securing a desirable job, a stable income, and personal prosperity. This holds especially true for professions that face a scarcity of skilled specialists due to increased demands and other factors. Notable examples include roles in IT jobs, digitalization jobs, health care jobs, and business jobs. Consequently, the demand for highly trained IT and healthcare professionals, as well as forward-thinking business administrators and economists, is often pressing.


As an education institution committed to social and political responsibility, ONSITES Graduate School offers cutting-edge study programs through advanced online platforms, ensuring students can pursue fields with promising career prospects. Take advantage of the growing demand for qualified professionals by pursuing a Master's degree in Digitalization and Public Health or an MBA in Cyber Security, Mobile & Digital Marketing, Digital Product Management, or Health Care Management.


If you are already working and would like to further your qualifications, then our CAS online courses are just right for you. Furthermore, if you aspire to reach the highest levels of your profession, our postgraduate professional doctorate programs present an exceptional opportunity to establish yourself as a top-tier manager, with the added prestige of earning a doctoral degree.

2. Linking Theory & Practice

Distance learning at ONSITES Graduate School is characterized by a high level of practical relevance and application orientation. In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving professional landscape, adaptability and versatility have become the new norm. To equip you for the heightened demands of the modern workplace, we prioritize the integration of practical and relevant content. Therefore, current problem cases from practice form an integral part of the teaching at ONSITES Graduate School.


Using authentic case studies as well as comprehensible practical examples in e-books, tutorials and other learning materials, you will gain valuable insights into real-world problem situations and deal with them independently.Immerse yourself in our comprehensive online courses through our dynamic distance learning programs. Gain the independence and confidence to tackle challenges head-on, armed with the knowledge gained from our comprehensive curriculum.


But our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there. We bring the industry to you through interactive online lectures led by seasoned professionals who bring their wealth of experience to the virtual classroom. Engage in meaningful discussions, share perspectives, and forge valuable connections that can shape your future career. Additionally, we offer practice-intensive coaching, conferences and workshops to further refine your individual skills and propel you to new heights.


The unique synergy between theory and practice at ONSITES Graduate School empowers you to seamlessly apply your newly acquired knowledge directly to your professional endeavors, generating immediate and tangible value for both your current and future employers. Embrace the future of learning with our state-of-the-art Distance Learning Courses and unlock your full potential.

3. Recognition Of Prior Learning

At ONSITES Graduate School, we value your prior accomplishments and offer you the opportunity to have them duly recognized. By crediting your previous achievements, we can significantly reduce your study time.


Whether it's academic achievements from other esteemed institutions, professional milestones, or non-academic degrees such as those conferred by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, state-certified business economist, or business administrator, we welcome the chance to acknowledge your accomplishments. Additionally, we recognize the value of completing CAS online courses from ONSITES Graduate School. While non-academic achievements are recognized on a flat-rate basis, our approach to academic achievements is tailored to consider each case individually.


If you have completed vocational training, our Bachelor's program offers a fast-track option specifically designed to leverage your existing expertise. Furthermore, a completed CAS online course can be seamlessly integrated into our Master's or MBA programs. For more detailed information, click here.

4. Study While Working

We recognize the importance of flexibility and strive to make all our degree programs accessible for working professionals like you. This unique opportunity allows you to achieve both personal and professional growth without sacrificing your full-time career. Whether you aspire to enhance your academic qualifications or acquire new professional skills, our job-accompanying study programs cater to your needs.


An extra-occupational study program at ONSITES Graduate School holds immense appeal, especially for recent graduates seeking to gain practical experience before pursuing further qualifications. It enables you to strike the perfect balance between gaining valuable professional insights and investing in additional educational endeavors.


With such a study arrangement, you have the freedom to tailor your learning journey to your own pace. Rather than adapting your life to fit your studies, you have the flexibility to adapt your studies to your professional commitments.


Moreover, the benefits extend beyond flexibility alone. Your employer can offer financial support, flexible working hours, and special leave to accommodate your educational pursuits. They understand the mutual advantage of investing in your growth. By expanding your knowledge and skills while actively contributing to your job, you become an invaluable asset to your company.

5. Study Without Traditional Requirements

ONSITES Graduate School believes in fostering inclusivity and ensuring that everyone has a chance to pursue their academic aspirations. We understand that the traditional route to obtaining a high school diploma and undergraduate degree may not always be feasible for everyone. That's why we offer a flexible and alternative approach to access higher education.


Traditionally, access to a bachelor's degree program in Germany relies on proof of a school-based university entrance qualification, such as Abitur or Fachabitur. However, at ONSITES Graduate School, we embrace diversity and acknowledge that individuals with completed vocational training and, respectively, additional advanced training equivalent to Abitur (e.g., business administrator, state-certified business economist), have valuable skills and knowledge that make them eligible for our Bachelor's program.


The same inclusive approach applies to our Master's and MBA programs. We recognize that extensive professional experience in a relevant field, coupled with a general university entrance qualification and successful completion of an aptitude test, can demonstrate your readiness for advanced studies, eliminating the need for a completed first degree. Regardless of your educational background, we are here to guide you on your journey towards achieving your study goals.


Embrace the opportunity to pursue higher education through direct or indirect means, and let us support you every step of the way.

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Jürgen, M.Sc. in Digitalization

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