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MBA Degree – Boost Your Market Value Online


You’ve come a long way professionally, but you deserve more – high time for a career upgrade. Here’s your chance to unleash your full professional potential.


With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree online, you develop highly relevant management skills and become a sought-after expert in your field.


Perfectly tailored to busy professionals with high ambitions, you benefit from high-quality education with maximum flexibility.


Start any time, study at your own pace, and expand your business know-how.



Here’s Why An MBA Is Worthwhile


  • High-quality management training
  • Brilliant salary booster
  • Employer support



Get A Manager’s Salary With An MBA


The Master of Business Administration is a non-consecutive, continuing education program for those who want to make a difference.


Whether generalist or industry-specific – this program makes you fit for management. Excel in middle and upper management with valuable expert knowledge and boost your salary.


Graduates earn on average between 60,000 and 100,000 euros per year. And best of all: Your employer can support your studies, either monetarily or by giving you time off.



Is This The Right Program For You?


The Master of Business Administration is the right program for you if you have professional experience and are either planning the next step on the career ladder or are looking for a new professional start.


If you have already made it to the executive floor and would like to consolidate your management position with further education, then the EMBA is the optimal choice.


Both programs contain a high proportion of business subjects and are therefore primarily aimed at graduates with little previous business knowledge.


What Do You Get Out Of The Program?


1. Business Administration Expertise: you will gain a broad, well-founded knowledge of management that also places entrepreneurial action in the overall economic and social context.


2. Problem-solving & Leadership Skills: you learn to independently lead projects and teams and to develop, plan and operationally implement innovative entrepreneurial strategies and solutions.


3. Communication & Social Skills: You acquire the ability to interact in a socially competent manner in order to confidently handle conflict situations and to communicate complex issues in an addressee-appropriate manner.


4. Research & Scientific Skills: you deepen your ability to work scientifically by expanding your methodical knowledge and learning scientific argumentation strategies.


5. Professional Qualification: The study program qualifies you to take over management tasks with personnel and/or budget responsibility in the middle and upper management of national and international companies of any size.


Admission Requirements


To be admitted to the program, you must meet one of the following requirements:


Here’s Why An MBA Is Worthwhile


  • Undergraduate university degree (e.g. Bachelor's degree)


  • General university entrance qualification + many years of professional experience (min. 3 years) + aptitude test



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