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Our Accreditation Guarantees The Quality Of Your Studies


Our Accreditation By Warsaw Management University


ONSITES Graduate School is accredited by the established state-recognized Collegium Humanum - Warsaw Management University as a cooperation partner and educational center. Your benefit: online courses with a quality guarantee.


As an accredited study center, ONSITES Graduate School has a wide range of competencies. It is responsible for independent teaching and education for the study programs offered and for conducting all examinations. It also supports the Collegium Humanum by providing academic resources and carrying out joint research projects.



This Is Why Accreditation Matters For You


Accreditation guarantees the high quality of our study programs. Thus, it fulfills two major functions for you at the same time. It serves as


  • Security policy: an accreditation is an expression of an independent quality judgment about the study program; it gives you the security of a high-quality academic education.


  • Quality label: a completed study program with accreditation is an ideal figurehead for job applications; it confirms the high quality of your education to your potential employer.



But What Does Accreditation Mean Anyway?


Accreditation means the process of quality assurance of study programs and teaching. The process is carried out by an independent audit committee of external experts.


The committee checks, among other things, whether the study concept is coherent, the practical relevance is guaranteed, the content taught is sufficient and the study requirements can be met within the specified period of time.


The successful completion of the audit is documented in the form of an accreditation certificate.



Our Accreditation Certificate Proves Our Value


The proof is in the pudding. Convince yourself of our accreditation. The accreditation certificate is the formal proof - in black and white.

Onsites Graduate School certificate.

Introducing Our Strong Partners


Together we are stronger! By bundling our competencies, we grow beyond ourselves. With our proven partner network, we guarantee you a sensational study experience with countless synergy effects.

Logo of Collegium Humanum Warsaw Management University.



The trusted European management university is the stable backbone of ONSITES Graduate School. it is state-recognized, system-accredited, and internationally oriented.

With numerous international program accreditations and active memberships in business associations, the Collegium vouches for quality and trustworthiness across the board.



IIC University is our reliable partner in Asia. Recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia, IIC stands for high reputation, innovation and inclusion.

Its diverse international activities reinforce its high aspiration to become a world-class university.

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Logo of IMC


IMC is the academic hub for successful young professionals with international career ambitions.

Located in Europe's financial center, the College guarantees innovative management training in an upscale business environment.


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