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Bachelor's Degree - Study On The Fast Track


Let’s get down to business – your journey into the world of business starts here! An innovative Bachelor's degree in Business Administration lays the solid foundation to build a creative corporate mindset.


Learn essential business know-how from proven business experts – from the comfort of your home. The fast-track bachelor's degree is guaranteed to put you on the right track! Start your career now!


The Top 3 Benefits



  • Shorter study time through recognition of your training
  • Flexible career planning thanks to a wide range of options after graduation
  • International recognition simplifies university changes & applications abroad




Ignite Your Career Journey With A Bachelor’s Degree


The Bachelor's degree program lays the foundation for a stable career in academia and business. With a regular duration of only three years, it is the shortest path to an internationally recognized university degree with professional qualifications.


Thus, the bachelor's degree enables direct entry into the professional world. The higher employment rates for Bachelor degree holders compared to non-graduates are a testament for the increased acceptance of said degree by employers.



Who Is This Bachelor Program Ideal For?


This Bachelor's degree is suitable for professional graduates who wish to quickly obtain a university degree. Those who wish to pursue an academic career need the degree as a prerequisite for a master's program.



What To Gain From A Bachelor's Degree


1. Technical Competence: You will gain a broad basic knowledge of the various disciplines and acquire the ability to compare, evaluate and classify new or interdisciplinary content.


2. Methodological Competence: You will acquire basic knowledge of scientific working methods and relevant subject-specific research methods.


3. Scientific Transfer Competence: You will learn to establish, interpret and evaluate connections as well as to apply the acquired methods, concepts, theories and tools to solve relevant or practical problems.


4. Professional Competence: The program enables you to independently apply what you have learned in the planning, execution and evaluation of professional tasks and to theoretically justify your professional actions.


5. Academic Qualification: A Bachelor’s program qualifies you to opt for getting a higher academic degree like a Master’s or an MBA one.



Admission Requirements


Students who meet one of the following requirements can be admitted to the program:


  • 3 Semesters: Completed vocational training or equivalent work experience (min. 3 years)


  • 2 Semesters: Completed vocational training + further training (Fachwirt, staatl. gepr. Betriebswirt etc.).




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