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Master Degree – Take Your Skills To The Next Level


You know the fundamentals and you have achieved valuable skills, but it’s time to level up. Having earned a Bachelor degree marks your first major career step, but to excel in today’s competition, you need to be one step ahead.


A Master degree paves your way for thriving in a dynamic professional landscape. Elevate your career prospects with advanced expert knowledge. Whether full-time or part-time, the time is right...Now.


Become the master of your own success!



The 3 Top Benefits


  • Higher career & salary opportunities
  • Specialist status
  • Reorientation through non-consecutive studies



Master Programs Are A Class Of Their Own


The master's program leads to a second academic degree after the bachelor's degree. It gives graduates access to positions with management responsibility or science-related activities.


Particularly appealing: The degree favors higher average starting salaries – with an average of $81,848 per year, compared to $69,368 for bachelor's degree holders. Also, master's graduates have an edge over bachelor's graduates in terms of job security – with an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent compared to 5.5 percent for those with a bachelor's degree.


No wonder that the popularity of said degrees has been growing – with a 143 percent increase in awarded degrees between 1991 and 2019.



For Whom Is The Program Suitable?


It is the right choice for you if you are aiming for management positions, jobs in the higher civil service or specialist jobs such as lawyer or architect.


A master's degree is also a prerequisite for certain trainee programs, jobs in science and research, and doctoral studies.



Why Does The Program Matter?


1. Enhanced Expertise: You expand your professional know-how in the respective discipline. You become familiar with the current state of knowledge and learn to distinguish between basic and specialized areas of your subject area.


2. Research Competence: You will learn to pose research questions and to answer them using scientific research concepts. You will be able to produce larger scientific texts, taking into account the relevant rules of scientific work.


3. Personal Competence: The study program provides you with the competence to think and act in a multi-perspective manner. You will acquire the ability to critically reflect on your own behavior and learning, to develop your own points of view and arguments, and to recognize the positions of others.


4. Professional Qualification: You obtain the qualification to carry out specialist tasks and to take on positions with management and personnel responsibility. You will acquire the competence to lead projects and teams independently.


5. Academic Qualification: These studies qualify you for further studies in the form of a doctorate or a postgraduate professional doctorate.


Admission Requirements


Students who meet one of the following requirements may be admitted to the program:


  • Undergraduate university degree (e.g., Bachelor's degree)


  • General university entrance qualification + many years of professional experience (min. 3 years) + aptitude test




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