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Doctorate For Professionals – Get A Doctoral Degree Online


You're a successful decision maker, but you want to get to the top. You've gained a lot of experience, but to stand out, you need an igniting career advantage.


With a postgraduate doctorate degree, you'll position yourself securely as a sustainable asset.


Deepen your professional expertise and perfect your key skills – alongside your job, flexible and 100% location-independent.


You complete all exams online and benefit from comprehensive personal support. Get your doctoral degree...Now!



The Benefits At A Glance


  • Job-related
  • Shorter duration of studies
  • Internationally recognized doctoral degree



How A Doctorate Makes Your Career Take Off


A postgraduate professional doctorate is an advanced education program for those who want to reach the top professionally.


Unlike professional doctorates that lead to a professional qualification, the focus here is on career-enhancing continuing education. Program participants are already employed and determined to reach the top rungs of the career ladder.


In a doctorate at ONSITES Graduate School, you deal with problems from your everyday working life in a practical way and develop competent solutions.


In this way, you create valuable added value in your profession, which is usually rewarded with career advancement, new areas of responsibility and a higher salary.


Employers value doctorate graduates for their ability to drive innovation and lead strategic decision-making, making them ideal candidates for executive roles and prestigious opportunities.



Is A Doctorate Suitable For You?


A postgraduate professional doctorate is designed for full-time professionals with a university degree who wish to obtain a career-enhancing doctoral degree without having to interrupt their full-time job.


This continuing education program is therefore particularly suitable for people who decide not to pursue a PhD due to time constraints.



What You Get Out Of The Program


1. Extended Specialist Knowledge: You will gain additional subject-specific theoretical knowledge with a high level of practical relevance.


2. Methodical Skills: you acquire the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in a targeted manner to practical problems at the workplace.


3. Practice-oriented Problem-solving Skills: you learn to develop, plan and implement adequate solutions that serve the future success of the company.


4. Enhanced Academic Writing Skills: you will improve your ability to write independently in the context of a doctoral thesis on a topic from your job practice.


5. Increased Self-competence: you will be able to take on more responsibility, adapt to changing circumstances, increase your willingness to perform, and practice optimal time and stress management.


Admission Requirements


You may be admitted to a doctorate program at ONSITES Graduate School if you meet the following cumulative requirements:


  • Master's degree or equivalent


  • Work experience in a profession corresponding to your studies (min. 2 years)




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