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Your Reliable Partner For A Career-fit Future


Unfasten your future skills with us: ONSITES Graduate School expands your professional potential with future-oriented study and further education programs.


This is guaranteed by our quality features:


  • Practice-focused education
  • In-depth personal support
  • Comprehensive career services


We form self-reliant, self-thinking individuals in harmony with our educational mission.



Our Mission: Thinking Ahead For The Future


As a socially responsible educational institution, we see our mission as effectively countering the ongoing shortage of qualified specialists with innovative, application-oriented study content.


That's why we equip our students with a broad arsenal of cross-industry skills to systematically prepare them for the diverse challenges of global social and technological change.


Our diverse range of programs specifically covers areas in which the demand for highly qualified employees remains high:


  • Security: We educate IT security experts to confidently defend against devastating cyber attacks on Critical Infrastructure.


  • Digitization: We provide a solid academic foundation for in-demand digitization professions that continue to drive the industry's digital transformation – from SEO specialists to digital product managers.


  • Health: We are responding to the increased professional demands in the health sector with contemporary continuing education programs for health managers and public health experts.


This way, we reach two goals at once: On the one hand, our modern study program portfolio enables your professional and personal development.


On the other hand, we are also making our own sociopolitical contribution to successful social change and social participation.



Who Can Study At ONSITES Graduate School?


Professional graduates, working professionals, first-degree and second-degree graduates: welcome are all those who want to maximize their professional potential – at their own pace, alongside their job & in harmony with family, work and me time.


We empower career-minded professionals and executives to maximize their professional opportunities through 100% digital academic education or training.


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Professional Graduates

You have just completed your vocational training and now want to climb the career ladder? Discover our fast-track bachelor and become a business all-rounder in no more than 18 monthswithout Abitur or numerus clausus.


Bachelor Graduates & Professionals

Ready for a leadership position? As a Bachelor's graduate or experienced professional, you can take your skills to the next level. With an extra-occupational CAS, Master or MBA program.

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Master Graduates

You've got your Master's in the bag and now you want to be a top executive? Expand your career opportunities with a postgraduate professional doctorate – the fastest and most flexible way to a doctorate degree.


Study In Excellent Company


Experience expertise under one roof. ONSITES Graduate School is an accredited private educational institution of ONSITES Group – an innovative industry expert in digital education and career marketing.


Thus, you are literally studying in excellent company. Because the company's outstanding achievements have been recognized not just once, but twice.


Benefit from the proven know-how and do-how of the two-time winner of the Employer Branding Awards 2022 and 2023.


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ONSITES Graduate School marks the latest milestone in the 5-year success story of the digital company. As a proven practitioner, ONSITES knows the current and future practical requirements of the labor market.


The focus of education at ONSITES Graduate School is therefore on imparting immediately transferable skills in order to successfully assert oneself in the dynamic digitalized professional world.


At the same time, we always keep an eye on internationality. Networked with strong cooperation partners at home and abroad, we create valuable synergy effects in the form of a broad, international continuing education portfolio in 3 different languages.



Our Claim To Practice


The strong practical focus of the program portfolio is a key trademark of our teaching. Our aim is to provide education that already enables a high added value in everyday working life during your studies. Your individual professional needs and requirements always form the focus.


In order to guarantee a balance between theory and practice in teaching, ONSITES Graduate School safeguards itself twice:



We cooperate not only with practice-proven specialists in the respective fields, who pass on their wealth of experience in a direct exchange. In addition, authentic case studies are an integral part of our teaching materials, which enable practice on realistic scenarios from professional real-life situations.



The Values We Live By


Value-oriented action forms the stable foundation for trust and long-term success. ONSITES Graduate School is committed to these values:


  • Diversity: In the spirit of permeability in the education system, we promote the greatest possible equality of opportunity. We recognize different educational backgrounds and enable flexible access to studies. Even without Abitur, NC or first degree.


  • Flexibility: As a provider of extra-occupational online degree programs, we create study opportunities according to individual time rules. The compatibility of studies with family, work and private life is one of our top priorities.


  • Quality: We subject our study programs to regular quality reviews and improve them according to professional requirements, new findings, and feedback from colleagues and students.


  • Empathy: Dealing with students and peers in an understanding, fair and friendly manner is a matter of honor. Empathy is the fuel that drives our personal support, service and enduring partnerships.




“Our values reflect the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. They are the principles that guide our actions every day.“


Prof. Dr. Mathias Kunze,

President of ONSITES Graduate School