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Our Coaching Services Unlock Your True Potential


Do you feel stuck, although you would like to develop yourself further? Then embark on your personal coaching journey now.


ONSITES Graduate School offers reflection-based coaching services at eye level - 100% tailored & flexible.


Whether individual coaching or group coaching, online or on-site – we give your inner compass the optimal direction.


Explore your undeveloped potential & reach new heights! Because you're much greater than you think!



Here’s Why Coaching Is Your Game-Changer


  •  Self-reflection & Change of Course: Coaching puts your inner life in order: You reflect on your behavior, identify strengths and weaknesses. Together with your coach, you break away from the old and define clear, realistic goals for a successful future.


  •  New Self-confidence: Coaching strengthens your self-image and removes inner blocks. – Inhibiting beliefs, fears and self-doubt disappear. You gain maximum courage and the mental power to face your challenges with utmost confidence.


  •  Increased Productivity & Performance: With enhanced self-awareness and boosted self-confidence, you can finally unleash your potential. The result: the effectiveness and value of your performance grows exponentially.


  •  Crisis Resistance: Coaching opens up more differentiated perspectives and promotes flexible action. This paves the way for you to deal calmly with crises and conflicts. You will also be able to cope with major crises in a level-headed and productive manner.





Experience Top Coaching Services In Education, Management & Career


In which area do you need coaching support?


Our experienced coaches accompany you with customized solutions on your path to your new self.


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  •  Academic writing
  • Exam preparation
  •  Presentation help
  •  Time management





  •  Motivation
  •  Upskilling
  •  Conflict management
  •  Competence analysis
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  • Analysis of strengths & weaknesses
  •  Job application
  •  Reorientation
  •  Self-employment



How may we coach you – one-on-one or in a group?



Individual Coaching Puts You In The Center


You prefer coaching in private? Then one-on-one coaching is just right for you.


Your benefits at a glance:


  • Undivided Attention: Your coach is exclusively focused on you and your personal concerns, goals and problems.
  • 100% Discretion: Everything you reveal about yourself remains between you and your coach.
  • Intimate Atmosphere: You will not be distracted by others and can open up freely.




Group Coaching Creates Sensational Synergy Effects


You want to experience our coaching services in the company of other people? Then group coaching is the ideal choice. Perfect for executives, professionals and self-employed individuals.


That's why coaching sessions in a group are worthwhile:


  •  High Interactivity: You reap valuable feedback, inspiration and motivation in the mutual exchange of ideas with like-minded people.
  •  Great Diversity of Perspectives: You develop new ideas based on different points of view and experience accounts.
  •  Strong Practical Focus: You discover effective solutions with direct added value in your everyday professional.


You need group coaching specifically for the members of your team or project? Increase your work performance with a topic-specific team coaching or project coaching.


Because teamwork matters.