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Degree Shortcut: Recognition Of Prior Learning


Do you have any prior learning achievements from previous studies or further education? Excellent. Take a degree shortcut.


Discover your personal recognition of prior learning options!



Your Recognition Benefits


  • Reduce your learning effort
  • Save study time
  • No need to make up module exams



Blanket Recognition & Individual Recognition – What’s Eligible?


Our Recognition of Prior Learning transpires in two ways: blanket and individual. Learn the difference below:


  • Blanket: apply to non-academic prior learning such as vocational training, advanced training and continuing education (state-certified business economist, business administrator, Chamber of Industry and Commerce degrees, etc.). Secure recognition of up to 90 credits!


  • Individual: Individual recognition refers to academic prior learning, provided that you have achieved this at state or state-recognized institutions of higher education. Benefit from unlimited recognition.



Recognition of Prior Learning In 3 Steps


Here’s how simply it works:

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1. Request Free Advice

Hit the "Get Free Advice Now" button below and get personalized advice by email or telephone.

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2. Send Documents

Please email us your transcripts or graduation certificate and diploma as a PDF scan.

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3. Get Recognition

Upon successful completion of the examination, we will immediately recognize your prior achievements towards your desired course of study.