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CAS online – Postgraduate certificate online courses

Are you facing new career challenges and needing an internationally recognized extra qualification? Discover the advantages of an job-accompanying certificate online course.


With our cutting-edge CAS online courses, you will boost your professional skills and open up new fields of activity. Get in-depth expert know-how in innovative specializations with a high practical focus.


Top continuing education for specialists, executives and career changers with 100% free time management.



3 Good Reasons For An Online CAS Program


  • Compact specialist knowledge
  • Short duration of study
  • Option for further studies



Enhance Your Expertise With CAS Online Programs


CAS programs, or Certificate of Advanced Studies, provide specialized education in various fields.


They are shorter in duration compared to traditional degrees. They offer a targeted curriculum that enables professionals to acquire specialized skills, enhance their expertise, and stay updated in their respective fields.


At ONSITES Graduate School, individuals who have completed a online CAS program may have the opportunity to continue their education by pursuing a related Master's degree or MBA degree.



Who Are CAS Online Programs Aimed At?


CAS online programs are ideal for individuals looking to enhance their professional credentials, advance their careers, or explore new areas of knowledge without committing to a full degree program.


These courses cater to professionals who want to stay ahead of industry trends, excel in their chosen areas of expertise, or transition into new fields or industries.



What CAS Online Programs Will Teach You


1. Professional Competence: you receive a compact overview of current key topics, basic problems and methods of the respective field.


2. Methodological & Transfer Competence: you acquire the ability to relate the subject-specific theories, instruments and methods to your professional activity and to take possible action measures in a targeted manner.


3. Social Competence: you will be able to view your work as part of a common whole, to contribute constructively to groups and teams, and to deal with problem situations collectively.


4. Self-competence: you will develop the ability to reflect on and adapt your professional self-image and to act with increased conflict resolution competence.



What Are The Admission Requirements?


The basic requirement for CAS study at ONSITES Graduate School is professional experience.


Applicants must provide proof that they are engaged in a professional activity appropriate to the field of study. At the time of graduation, applicants should have one year of professional experience.


There are a total of three options for admission:



  • Academic degree + work experience


  • University entrance qualification or equivalent + work experience


  • Completed vocational training + work experience



Discover your CAS online course