CAS Cyber Security Course

Do you want to make a career in preventing cybercrime? Then our online cyber security course is the right choice for you. Become an IT security expert in just 6 months – part-time, practice-oriented & without deep technical knowledge.

Entry possible at any time. Apply now & secure career benefits!

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Taught in:
English, German or Russian
1 Semesters
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Cyber Security Course With ONSITES – 7 Benefits


  • Practice-related education
  • First-class study content
  • High flexibility
  • Low fees
  • Personal support
  • No attendance
  • Accredited qualification




Key Facts At A Glance


  • Qualification: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Form of Study: Digital
  • Language: English, German & Russian
  • Start: Anytime
  • Credit Points: 30 ECTS
  • Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or similar (Learn more)
  • Tuition Fee: 990.00 €
  • Credit Transfer: Possible (Learn more)




Partake In A Cyber Security Course Without Major Prior Knowledge


In the digital era, no company can ignore the issue of IT security. If you want to protect yourself sustainably against devastating hacker attacks and security breaches, you have to have expert knowledge. That's why experts are more in demand than ever. The CAS program gives you the expertise you need!



Who Is The Course Aimed At?


The online course is aimed at professionals and executives in the fields of risk management and project management who want to acquire valuable IT security know-how on a part-time basis in order to take the next step in their careers.



What Does The Program Cover?


Secure for sure. The program provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the field, from the technical basics to operating systems, networks, data transmission and cyber security management.


In several modules you will learn to identify security gaps and vulnerabilities in the system and to take preventive measures. You will be enabled to conduct and evaluate risk analyses and to derive effective protection guidelines and measures on this basis.


In the last part of the six-month course, you will independently write a CAS thesis in which you deal with a current problem in the field and develop practical solutions.



Continue to MBA


The course can be taken separately or as part of the corresponding MBA  program.