MBA Coaching & Leadership

2-in-1 advantage package for leadership luminaries! With the MBA Coaching & Leadership, you get coaching education plus leadership training.

Expand your leadership skills online and become a business coach. Flexible master's degree with practical relevance. Study part-time MBA online now!

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Taught in:
English, German or Russian
2-4 Semesters
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Why Study Coaching & Leadership With ONSITES?


  • Practice-related education
  • Top learning quality
  • High flexibility
  • Low fees
  • Personal & comprehensive support
  • No attendance
  • Recognized degree




Our MBA At A Glance


Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Duration: 12 to 24 months

Form of Study: Digital

Language: English, German & Russian

Start: Anytime

Credit Points: 60 to 120 ECTS

Accreditation: Ministry of Education Warsaw (Learn more)

Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (Learn more)

Tuition Fee: 7,500.00 €

Credit Transfer: Possible (Learn more)




Package Deal: Coaching Training + Leadership Training


Pretty smart! With this MBA you benefit twice: You go through a coaching education while boosting your leadership skills. That pays off: Coaching is a market with enormous growth potential. Take advantage of it now!



Target Group


This MBA is the right program for you if you have relevant professional experience and want to coach people with personnel responsibility as a business coach; or if you are a manager yourself and want to further develop your leadership personality through coaching training.



Content & Structure


If you want to be accepted and successfully establish yourself as a business coach, you need the right foundation! This is exactly what the two-part MBA program provides.


During the coaching training you receive the necessary tools to accompany entrepreneurs in an advisory capacity in achieving their entrepreneurial goals. The leadership part is about combining coaching and leadership methods in a targeted manner.


The master's thesis completes the program.



Career Prospects


This practice-based MBA program opens career opportunities both as a business coach and as a leader fit for the future.