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Publish a print book or ebook and cover all publishing services in one go – our dynamic package deal makes it possible. With the ONSITES Graduate School's comprehensive publishing services, you don't have to worry about a thing.


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From production to marketing to logistics – book publishing can be so simple.


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All this is included in our in-house publishing services:



Book Creation Without Compromise: Let’s Bring Your Ideas To Life


  • Creation/printing of the first edition & subsequent editions

From concept to reality: We realize your scientific vision and ensure that your work is always up to date.



  • Creation of a professional text layout

Your research, in top form: We ensure a flawless typography and present your work in the best-possible light.



  • Design of a custom book cover

The perfect statement piece: a unique cover design gives your book a personal touch and guarantees a scientific work with a wow effect.



  • Production of your book as hardcover, softcover and/or e-book

Every pick is perfect: whether it's a sturdy hardcover, elastic softcover or eco-friendly e-book – impress in a variety of formats.



  • Creation/printing of all color pages using four-color process printing

Show your true colors: our state-of-the-art printing process ensures vivid, razor-sharp images that make your publication shine.


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Registration With Maximum Reach: Be Present On The World Stage


  • ISBN allocation on the US market

Your key to global visibility: We secure your presence on the American market and beyond – with a unique ISBN.



  • Worldwide registration of your book with the VLB Directory

Your book, available globally: We open the door to a global readership and limitless distribution opportunities.



  • Registration of your book with the National Library

Make your work immortal: registration with the German National Library secures your work a place at the heart of the national treasury of knowledge as a significant contribution to national culture and education.


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Put Your Book In The Spotlight – With 12 Magical Marketing Tricks


  • Listing of your book in the ONSITES Library (online & offline)

Expand your audience and increase your recognition: By being listed in our in-house library, you will make a lasting name for yourself with our students, lecturers and researchers.



  • Targeted library marketing of your book for efficient distribution

Conquer the center of the scientific community: We maximize the visibility of your work and bring it to the attention and appreciation of researchers worldwide.



  • Marketing campaigns with other educational institutions & bookstores

Excel at the core of the educational scene: our strategic collaborations put your work in the academic limelight and open up new horizons in the realm of academia.



  • Listing of your book with book wholesalers

From bookshelf to bestseller: We ensure your publication has maximum availability and presence on the digital and physical shelves of booksellers globally.



  • Publicizing your book on our social media channels

Go viral: Positioning your book on social media puts it in the focus of the digital world and increases your reach exponentially.



  • Boost your new publications with e-mail marketing

Attract attention with express speed: Our targeted e-mail campaigns catapult your research directly into the mailboxes of renowned scholars and thus guarantee immediate attention in research circles.



  • Organization of reviews for positive book ratings

On the right track with positive feedback: our extensive network gives you enthusiastic book reviews that lend your work additional weight, credibility and prestige.



  • Organization of book events for students and lecturers

Position yourself like a pro: Our exclusive book events offer your book an inspiring presentation platform for an intensive exchange of knowledge and fruitful expert dialog.



  • Press releases and media reporting on new publications

Impress the press: We make your work the talk of the media and celebrate your research as a pioneering contribution to academia.



  • Presentation of your book using book trailers and videos on video sharing platforms

A real eye-catcher: Our creative video marketing ensures an impressive preview of your work that will captivate every vision hunter. See for yourself!



  • Promotion of book awareness through audio productions & podcasts

Make yourself heard: Our captivating audio content creates a sound connection to all academic ears. Sound good?



  • Chance to win the ONSITES Book Award

The crowning glory of your success: Secure your place in the race for excellence and get the expert recognition you deserve.


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Efficient Logistics Solutions: We Get Your Books To Their Destination Worldwide


  • Inventory management of your book

Always at hand: Benefit from optimum availability of your work to reach your audience at the crucial moments.



  • Logistics Provider Services

Precise, punctual, perfect: we optimize the entire distribution process so that your work reaches your readers quickly, efficiently and reliably.



Impress Your Colleagues With FREE Copies


  • 6 voucher copies included for the author

Self-promotion for free: Give your book away to friends, universities or libraries and expand your network in the academic world like never before.


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