FAQ - Publishing

What options does ONSITES Graduate School provide for publishing scientific research outcomes?

ONSITES Graduate School offers various avenues for publishing scientific research outcomes, including conference proceedings, and monographs.

How can I publish a scientific paper in a conference proceeding?

ONSITES Graduate School regularly announces conferences on its website's event calendar, where you can register. If you present your research findings at one of these conferences, you will have the opportunity to publish your paper in the corresponding conference proceeding.

In which language can I publish my paper?

All academic papers can be published in English only.

How can I publish my doctoral thesis or monograph?

For assistance with publishing your doctoral thesis or monograph, you can contact the support team at ONSITES Graduate School through the contact form or by phone.

Are monographs also subjected to a peer-review process?

While a peer-review process is not mandatory for monographs, it is recommended as it significantly enhances the value and credibility of the work.

What services does ONSITES Graduate School offer for book publications?

When it comes to book publications, ONSITES Graduate School provides comprehensive services, including obtaining an ISBN number, registration in relevant book directories, such as the German "Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher" (VLB), and inclusion in the national library. Furthermore, marketing services are available to ensure the wide distribution of the book. ONSITES Graduate School can also provide guidance on royalty disbursement from secondary rights of academic texts.

Why should I choose ONSITES Graduate School for publishing my scientific paper or academic text?

ONSITES Graduate School offers not only the complete package of typical publishing services, but also comprehensive marketing support. We support you in establishing a strong presence in the professional and academic spheres as well as making a name for yourself in your respective field.

In which departments can I pursue my doctorate at ONSITES Graduate School?

At ONSITES Graduate School, you currently have the opportunity to pursue a doctorate in the following departments:

  • Business Administration
  • Public Health
  • Laws