FAQ - Studies & Courses

Why should I pursue a degree?

In contrast to traditional vocational training, a degree offers a wider range of opportunities and more diverse job opportunities. It serves as a catalyst for personal career growth, providing better job prospects, even during economically challenging times.

Why take an online course at ONSITES Graduate School?

At ONSITES Graduate School, you only learn what you really need. The application-oriented education ensures that you can apply what you have learned directly to real professional situations. You receive personal and comprehensive support throughout your online course of study and benefit from maximum flexibility thanks to state-of-the-art study concepts.

Are the study programs at ONSITES Graduate School accredited and recognized?

Absolutely. In addition to the state recognition of our partner universities, all study programs offered at ONSITES Graduate School are fully accredited.

Does ONSITES Graduate School allow studying without a school-based higher education entrance qualification?

Yes, ONSITES Graduate School allows studying without a school-based higher education entrance qualification for individuals who have completed vocational training and have several years of professional experience or who have completed vocational training equivalent to the Abitur (e.g., Business Administrator, Certified Business Economist, etc.).

What fields of study are available at ONSITES Graduate School?

ONSITES Graduate School offers cutting-edge degree programs in Business & Management, IT, Law, Health Sciences, and Media & Communications.

What types of degrees are offered at ONSITES Graduate School?

In collaboration with our partner universities, we offer Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, Doctorate, and CAS programs.

How are the study programs structured at ONSITES Graduate School?

Our study programs follow a modular structure. They are designed in such a way that the knowledge imparted builds on each other.

Are there any mandatory in-person events?

At present, the study regulations do not provide for any attendance events. All events take place online – flexibly, independent of time and location.

What are the types of examinations?

Each module includes an examination, which can be in the form of an online test, a term paper, a project paper, or a case study. Each program concludes with the preparation of a thesis.

How are examinations conducted?

Currently all examinations are conducted online.

Can I retake exams?

Our study materials are designed to ensure proper exam preparation. However, if an examination is failed, there is an opportunity to retake it up to two times.

Can I transfer previous study achievements?

Absolutely. We recognize examinations taken at other educational institutions, and prior to enrollment, we evaluate the relevant documents to determine which previous study achievements can be recognized.

How can I obtain more information about my desired study program?

For further information about your desired study program, you can reach out to us through the contact form, via email, or by telephone.

What documents do I need to submit for enrollment?

To enroll in a study program, you need to submit the enrollment form along with the following documents: identification card or passport, curriculum vitae, graduation diploma, and any previously obtained diplomas and certificates. All documents from students within the European Union must be notarized. Students outside the European Union require both notarization and an apostille.

When can I start my studies at ONSITES Graduate School?

You can begin your studies at any time.

What is the duration of study?

The standard period of study for Bachelor programs at ONSITES Graduate School is three years, while Master and MBA programs usually take one to two years. For Doctorate programs, the duration is one to three years. CAS online programs typically last one semester.

Can I accelerate my studies?

Certainly! At ONSITES Graduate School, we recognize previous study achievements from other educational institutions, which shortens the standard period of study. Additionally, if you have completed vocational training and professional experience, you have the option to enroll in the Fast-Track Bachelor program.

Do I need to undergo selection or admission test procedures for admission to study at ONSITES Graduate School?

Certain study programs at ONSITES Graduate School, such as law, may require applicants to undergo selection or admission test procedures. If such procedures are necessary, we offer targeted and intensive preparation to assist you through the process.

Who can assist me with administrative questions?

Our dedicated support team at ONSITES Graduate School is here to assist you with any administrative questions you may have. You can reach out to them via email or telephone.

Who provides academic support during my studies at ONSITES Graduate School?

Academic support during your studies at ONSITES Graduate School is generally provided by your respective supervisor, who will guide and assist you with academic matters.

How many hours of study should I schedule per week?

As each student has a unique learning style, it varies. However, as a general guideline, it is recommended to schedule between eight to twelve hours of study per week to ensure progress and success in your studies.

Can I balance my studies with my professional activities?

Yes, all degree programs and courses at ONSITES Graduate School are part-time. You study without having to interrupt your full-time job. Thanks to the free time management, you determine your own pace and can optimally adapt your studies to your job.

Can I gain practical experience in foreign countries while studying at ONSITES Graduate School?

Yes, ONSITES Graduate School provides opportunities for students to gain practical experience through internship placements with partner companies. However, please note that internship placements are limited and highly competitive.

What are the tuition fees at ONSITES Graduate School?

Tuition fees at ONSITES Graduate School vary based on factors such as the partnership university, study program, and study duration. Prior to enrollment, the amount of tuition fees will be fully transparent and agreed upon with binding effect.

Are there any additional costs besides tuition fees?

There may be additional costs for the recognition of previous achievements. These costs, if applicable, will be fully transparent and agreed upon with binding effect. Students are responsible for expenses such as travel costs, internet and telephone charges, as well as the acquisition of additional or recommended literature.

In which languages can I study?

Our study programs are conducted in English, German, and Russian.

Are studies completed abroad equivalent to study programs in my home country?

Yes, studies completed abroad hold equivalent recognition when the university in the home country is state-recognized and the study programs are accredited. At ONSITES Graduate School, all degree programs are accredited by our state-recognized partner university.

What are the career prospects after completing a study program at ONSITES Graduate School?

ONSITES Graduate School offers future-proof study programs. Our range of studies largely covers areas in which there is a considerable skills shortage, including Digitalization & IT, Healthcare, and Business. A successful degree thus opens up excellent career opportunities.

Which certificate courses does ONSITES Graduate School offer?

ONSITES Graduate School offers a range of certificate online courses that lead to a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS).

In which languages are the certificate courses offered?

The certificate courses are offered in English, German, and Russian.

When can I start a certificate course?

You can start anytime with a certificate course at the beginning of a month.

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) – what’s that?

A Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is a career-enhancing continuing education qualification that one typically obtains after completing university education and gaining initial work experience. CAS courses allow students to specialize in a specific field with a practical focus.

Which CAS online courses are currently available at ONSITES Graduate School?

For an overview of the available CAS courses, please refer to our course catalog.

What are the admission requirements for a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) course?

The regular requirement to enroll in a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) course includes a university degree and work experience. Persons with a university entrance qualification and initial work experience or with completed vocational training and initial work experience are also admitted.

Can previous academic achievements from another educational institution be recognized for a CAS online course at ONSITES Graduate School?

No, since the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) courses at ONSITES Graduate School provide advanced knowledge and have a practical orientation, prior academic achievements from other institutions cannot be recognized.

What accomplishments do I need to fulfill to earn the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)?

To obtain the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), you must successfully complete several modules.

What examinations must be taken to obtain the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)?

Each module includes the completion of a case study. At the end of the online course, you have to prepare a 30-page CAS thesis.

What is the educational level of a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)?

As a short course of study, a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) corresponds to the fifth level of the European Qualifications Framework. However, its recognition is subject to the autonomous decision of the respective educational institution.